What is OIO Media?

OIO Media is an Gaming-Social Media Platform that allows users to earn cryptocurrency by playing games via play-to-earn. Also OIOM is a Social Media token that allows users to earn $OIOM by watching weekly YouTube videos and gaining followers - interaction. There will never be more OIOM in circulation than there are now. Maximum Supply is 1,000,000,000 OIOM Token.

OIO Media will launch with one game available. Beta Games will be activated in Q1-2022. Details will be announced at the end of Q1.

$OIOM is powered by Binance Smart Chain (BSC).

Our Vision is to enable good work in the future and to gather all crypto communities under one roof. We support the delivery of more secure and accurate information by gathering crypto communities under one roof.

What is OIOM Token?

$OIOM is an BEP20 Token on the Binance blockchain. It has a 2% tax on every transaction. One-half of that tax is transferred back to wallet holders. The other half of the tax is burned forever. This makes $OIOM a deflationary cryptocurrency. OIOM is a community-based social media project for crypto investors. $OIOM will be used in P2E-W2E and Social Media platform as a reward.

Medium : https://medium.com/@oiomedia/what-is-oio-media-eb375a01080c

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